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LINE – LGBTIQA+ in the North East

LINE (LGBTIQA+ In the North East) Wangaratta, is an expanding LBGTQIA+ community group focussed on improving mental wellbeing and providing connections to queer people through art and creativity.

We’ve been primarily online for the last 7 years, but with the help of our current volunteer team, our boots have hit the ground. At the start of the year we’ve run a couple of Proud Poetry days, where people were given the tools to make their own poetry about what being proud meant to them.

During the current pandemic, we’ve tried to keep in touch online, by hosting an online book club with free access to queer books.

Now, we’ve been given the funding to continue to spread local love and promote mental wellbeing by providing free care packages to the local LGBTIQA+ community. These packs feature items like books, colouring-in, fidget toys (for those of us also neuro-diverse) to promote relaxation, mindfulness, and relieve stress. Within the packs are also items from local businesses that are also run by queer people, or allies.

We know there’s a need to continue queer representation in Wangaratta, so we’re not planning on stopping here! In the future we’re planning to continue our virtual and physical presence, with our continued updates online, art therapy program, market stalls, social catch-ups (e.g. brunches, coffee, bowling, etc.), family catch-ups, dance classes, and more to come!

Read more about our current projects below…

Care Package Project: LINE (LGBTIQA+ In the North East) Wangaratta, supported and partnered with Goulburn Valley Pride, will be coordinating a care package project for LGBTIQA+ people and families within North East Victoria.

The project will aim to:
– Improve visibility and representation of the LGBTIQA+ community within North East Victoria
– Improved social connection for a vulnerable, minority group
– Provide opportunities to connect, contribute, participate in social and cultural life

Funding support provided by Into Our Hands Community Foundation.

Art Therapy Sessions Project: The program will focus on social inclusion for the LGBTIQA+ community and allies, in a safe and supportive environment.

The Art Therapy Sessions will include: Bunting and mask making, Photojournalism, life drawing, badge making, clay modelling, paper mache, poetry and more!

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 restrictions the Art Therapy Program has been delayed, but involves a 10 month program with monthly sessions exploring a variety of creative skills. Stay tuned for more info…

Funding support provided by Aust. Government Volunteer Grants 2019

Meet our crew!

Allison Winters
LINE Wangaratta Coordinator

Allison is a nurse, parent, Wangaratta local, and passionate advocate for all things LGBTIQA+. Allison sits on the GV Pride and OUTintheOPEN Festival Committee’s and dedicated on bringing pride events to Wangaratta. Allison also represents the LGBTIQA+ community on various advisory groups including mental health, suicide prevention and domestic violence.

Ceinwen Hall
Creative facilitator

Ceinwen is a local queer artist and art therapist. Ceinwen has an enthusiastic and determined approach to striving for equality and opportunities to celebrate LGBTIQA+ community and culture. Ceinwen is currently employed as a psychotherapist and advocate, and sit on a local LGBTIQA+ advisory panel.

Elena Sewell-Dolphin

Elena is a local born queer person actively promoting LGBTIQA+ rights. Elena is currently working as a nurse, and is the chair for that hospital’s LBGTIQA+ advisory group. Elena is a volunteer in many capacities, and is also on working groups for LGBTIQA+ matters, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander reconciliation programs.

Visit the LINE website.