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GV Pride Inc. Annual General Meeting 2024 (and lunch!)

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GV Pride Inc. Annual General Meeting 2024 (and lunch!)

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of members of Goulburn Valley Pride Incorporated will be held on Sunday morning, August 11th, 2024, at the GV Pride Hub, Shop 4/222 Maude Street Mall, inside of the Telstra Tower Arcade. 🌈

Business: Welcome, Apologies, President’s Report, Financial Report (2023-2024), Set M/ship Fees (2024-2025), Election of office bearers, General Business.

We look forward to seeing you there! 🙌

P.S. You are invited to join us afterwards for lunch @ The Aussie Hotel from noon – meals at restaurant prices.

We, the current committee, have been at it for 12 months! Now the time has come to ‘have your say’ in who runs the show! We encourage you ALL to attend, and to vote, and to use this opportunity – tell us what you want and how we can serve you better!

👉 All nominations for the 2024-2025 GV Pride Committee must be received 7 days prior to this meeting. Please email this form by 11am on Sunday 4th August to gvpride@gvpride.org or reach out for further details if you are keen to nominate for a role on the next committee of management for GV Pride. 👈

More information and accessibility: The GVPride Hub is within the Telstra Tower Arcade of the Mall, which offers more privacy than other shops, as it is not in the central thoroughfare of the mall. The space has shelving, tables and chairs, clothing racks and many other items. There will be seating and tea/coffee or water available. There are public toilets nearby, in the public space under the Telstra Tower. The bathrooms are gendered. There is an accessible bathroom available. The Aussie Hotel is a public Pub, where people will be enjoying food and beverages in the space. GV Pride will have a table for all of us to sit together and enjoy lunch as a group. Food and drinks are at the cost of the individucal attending, however if you need support, please email us gvpride@gvpride.org – as we aim to make our events as accessible for all as we can. The Aussie is a louder environment then the Pride Hub, as the space is larger and there will be more people there. The main three doors to the Aussie all have 1-2 steps. There are only male and female labelled bathrooms on site.

What to expect? Members from the 2023-2024 GV Pride Committee will come together to acknowledge the year of work and achievements of the organisation, and through an official meeting process, provide information on the organisations financials, accomplishments and then nominate for the 2024-2025 GV Pride Committee.

[ID: A rectangle image with a blurred rainbow background. In the middle at the top is a small GV Pride logo, under that in a black box, bold white text reads Annual General Meeting’. Under this in three smaller black boxes bold white text reads, in order ‘August 11, 2024 11.00am – 12.00pm Shop 4/222 Maude Street Mall Shepparton.]

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NOTE – The AGM is at the GV Pride Hub, followed by lunch at the Aussie Hotel.

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